Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to handle all your questions and make sure we make your wish a reality! Here are some frequently asked questions with answers from our team. Still have questions? Contact us today!

We have wrinkle relaxers (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, wrinkle fillers (various brands), sclerotherapy for spider veins, permanent makeup, skin treatments, fat/weight loss procedures and prescription medication, bioidentical hormone replacement and much more! See our “Services” list!

What Do You Specialize In?

With 25 years of injection experience, our injector is a master at relaxing wrinkles and correcting facial aging! Making your legs look flawless with spider vein treatment is another treatment we specialize in. With 30 years of permanent make-up experience, our artist can sculpt the perfect brows, eyeliner, and lips for you! Skin treatments of every type are also our specialty. Fat/weight loss and bioidentical hormone replacement also! See our “Services” list!

What Are the Rates of Your Services?

We offer great pricing! See our “FREE TO JOIN” injection program where we have the “special pricing” for you locked in for an entire year! You don’t have to wait for any “special day”…Every Day is special at ReVive RX. We believe our pricing is awesome and make things “affordable” for everyone. Call us for a quote on any service!

What Type of Warranty Do You Provide? (On Custom Work)

We stand 100% behind all our treatments. With over 23 years of injecting experience, 30 years of permanent make-up experience, 20 years of sclerotherapy, 30 years of skin treatment and a physician with years of experience in weight loss, bioidentical hormone replacement and wellness, we know what we are doing and are confident you will love how we treat you!

Do You Have Financing Options Available?

Yes, treat yourself now and pay later with Cherry! Get preapproved before your next appointment. Applying won’t harm your credit!