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Weight Loss Treatments

At Revive RX Med Spa, we know that sometimes getting started on your weight loss journey can be the most challenging part. It can feel overwhelming, and the negative emotions or bad voices can “get it in our head” and stop us from trying. We are here to help you find a successful, personalized path to weight loss.

In just six to eight weeks, you can notice positive changes to your body and energy level. In three to four months, you can be on a path to overhaul your health and fitness.

You can do it! And we can help! Your customized plan could include some of the following:

- Kybella and lipodissove injections for fat loss
- Diet Prescription Medication (Phentermine)
- Whole Body Vibration
- Lipo (fat loss) B-12 (Energy) Injections
- HCG weight loss and easy 800 calorie!
- Sotto Pelle implants, injections, topical cremes, troche
- Laser Lipo only: 6 treatments

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Prescription Diet Medication

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LipoB12 Injections

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HCG 800 Calorie Diet

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