What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Losing weight can be an uphill battle. Despite a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet, you may still struggle to get rid of stubborn fat. Genetics, hormones, and metabolism play a role in the way you lose weight. Thankfully, there are ways to speed up or assist the weight loss process. At ReVive RX Med Spa, we can help you lose weight and reach your ideal body goal. We customize treatments to suit your unique needs. We understand that patients have different needs and require unique attention to obtain their desired results. Allow us to join you on your weight loss journey, and contact us online or visit us in Kansas City, MO.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a scientific and medical method of getting rid of stubborn fat. It is an effective way to improve your health condition and maintain it. We can assist overweight and obese patients by guiding them on their weight loss journey and providing medically-based solutions. These solutions often include medication, strategic diets, and vitamin B12 injections. We are qualified to supervise this weight loss program to ensure your safety. These methods should not be used without supervision, as they can impact your health if not used correctly. With medical weight loss, we target the cause of your weight gain. Before we can understand medical weight loss, we should first try to understand how weight loss works.

How Does Weight Loss Work?

To lose weight efficiently, you need to convert the food you eat to energy. If the calories you consume don’t get used, they turn into stored fat. That is why monitoring your calorie intake and having a regular exercise routine are essential when trying to lose weight. However, we can create a customized treatment plan to help you lose weight. Each treatment plan targets different aspects of weight loss. Whether you need appetite suppressors, or assistance turning your fat into energy, we can create a medical weight loss program for you!

Phentermine Prescriptions

Phentermine is a medication prescribed to suppress your appetite and stop you from feeling hungry. These appetite suppressant pills achieve this by affecting your central nervous system. If you are struggling with obesity and diets and exercise have not helped you, Phentermine is an effective solution. Losing weight is easier when your appetite is suppressed. This is especially true for those who struggle with portion control.

Phentermine has also been known to give patients more energy, motivating them to work out and get fit. Phentermine has helped many patients lose weight and maintain it. If you constantly feel hungry, Phentermine is the best appetite suppressor to keep it under control. Appetite suppressant pills don’t mean that you go starving. It simply means that you eat just enough for essential cell functions, so you can burn the excess calories.

Lipo-B12 Shots for Weight Loss

Lipo-B12 injections can effectively help you drop a few pounds. Lipo-B12 injections are a mixture of four components that target different aspects of weight loss. The four components are:

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 ensures that your nervous system functions correctly and assists your body when it needs to convert stored fat into energy. It also takes care of your red blood cells and DNA synthesis.


Inositol can reduce cholesterol levels by working on your metabolism to burn fat.


Methionine is an amino acid that acts as an antioxidant and encourages your body to break down fat so it can be used.


Choline ensures that your cell membranes and fat metabolism function properly. 

These four ingredients target the essential aspects of losing weight in a healthy way. They encourage your metabolism to use fat more efficiently. Lipo-B12 injections reduce cholesterol levels so you can be healthier. Lipo-B12 injections can also target your appetite and energy levels to reduce your calorie intake and make it easier for you to exercise. Not only will these shots make your weight loss journey easier, but they can also improve your mood and mental focus. You will be more determined than ever to lose those stubborn pounds.

HCG Diet Plan

Another way to lose weight is to follow a strict diet that monitors your calorie intake closely. The HCG Diet Plan only allows patients to consume 800 calories per day to burn fat quickly. This low-calorie intake will force your body to use the stored fat as an energy source. In addition to this diet, we will administer HCG injections for weight loss. 

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a type of hormone. HCG hormone supplements can help you break down your stored fat so it can be used for energy by releasing stored fat into your bloodstream. This means that your body can burn more fat while using few calories. To ensure that you stay in good health during the HCG 800 Calorie Diet, we will monitor your progress and continue to supervise you. Contact us to learn more about HCG injections for weight loss.


Semaglutide is an FDA-approved injection that can help you keep your weight off once you have lost it. It controls your appetite and lowers blood-sugar levels. Semaglutide can reduce cholesterol levels. Patients can have weekly injections using an insulin needle.

Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Once you have reached your ideal weight, we will schedule follow-up sessions to ensure that you are still on the right track. Not only do we offer expert advice, but we also support and motivate you with every step. At ReVive RX Med Spa, provide medical weight loss solutions for patients struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Contact us today to start your journey!