Your Guide to Permanent Makeup in Kansas City, MO

Many women prefer how they feel and look with a little makeup on. But applying makeup daily adds time to your morning routine, and it never seems to last as long as you want it to – especially lipstick. 

At ReVive RX Med Spa in Kansas City, MO, we have the solution to your daily makeup woes – permanent makeup. 

You may have heard of permanent makeup before but still have lingering questions about what it is, how it works, and who it’s right for. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this beauty-enhancing procedure. 

What Is Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent makeup – also known as micro-pigmentation or intradermal pigmentation – is a unique beauty treatment that involves the application of cosmetic tattoos to closely resemble makeup. 

Unlike body tattoos, cosmetic tattoos do not use brightly colored ink. Instead, we use natural pigments that complement your complexion to create subtle enhancements. 

Permanent makeup does not give you a full face of glam makeup. Instead, it creates a softer and more natural appearance, much like a minimalist beauty routine, and is great for accentuating your natural features. 

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Read on to learn how permanent makeup affords supreme convenience over traditional makeup and other benefits that give it a competitive edge. 

Simplifies Your Beauty Routine

Permanent makeup allows you to eliminate one or more steps from your daily beauty routine. Depending on what permanent makeup you choose, your beauty routine could be as simple as applying some concealer, mascara, and lip gloss. This is great for busy moms or anyone who is pressed for time in the morning. 


If you have allergies or sensitive skin, you know how hard it can be to find makeup that doesn’t irritate your skin. Permanent makeup doesn’t contain many of the common irritants and allergens found in traditional makeup. 

Results Are Long Lasting 

The results of permanent makeup are not technically permanent, but they do last a very long time. Depending on what kind of permanent makeup you get and how quickly your body breaks down the pigment, the results of permanent makeup can last between one and three years. After that, you may need a touch-up to maintain your desired look. 

These semi-permanent results allow you to play with different colors and styles and don’t lock you into one specific look for the rest of your life. After all, your face and style will undergo some changes with age. 

No Smudging or Smearing 

If you live an active lifestyle, you know the struggle of smudging or smearing makeup. Permanent makeup allows you to live your life freely without having to worry about your makeup running. This means you can run, lift, swim, bike, and hike and look flawless while doing it. 

Balance Asymmetrical Features

Many people struggle to accept the appearance of asymmetrical lips or eyebrows. If that’s the case for you, permanent makeup can help restore balance to your facial features for a more pleasing appearance. 

Types of Permanent Makeup We Offer

We offer three unique types of permanent makeup to help women in Kansas City, MO, pull off effortlessly flawless eye and lip makeup 24/7. 

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break an entire look. A perfect face of makeup can seem off-kilter juxtaposed with unkempt or unstyled eyebrows. Similarly, eyebrows that are on point can create a refined look with a minimal amount of makeup. 

We offer a form of permanent eyebrows known as microshading to create a natural-looking tint and help fill in sparse areas using a very fine hollow needle. Unlike microblading, microshading does not create the illusion of individual hairs. Instead, it fills in the entire brow with a subtle tint to create a more cohesive appearance.  

Permanent Eyeliner

For many women, eyeliner is the trickiest part of their beauty routine and the most despised. Not only do you have to have a steady hand, but you also have to be able to replicate the results on the other eye. 

If you’re tired of applying, removing, and reapplying eyeliner until it’s just right, we can help you break out of the cycle with permanent eyeliner. We offer permanent eyeliner in a wide variety of styles – even winged – to match your personal style and complement your facial shape and structure.  

Permanent Lip Color

Many women find that their lips become duller or less noticeable with age. Permanent lip color – also known as lip blushing – is a great way to make your lips pop, enhance their natural color, and improve their definition. 

We can help you find the perfect shade of permanent lip color or lip liner based on your unique complexion, undertones, and natural lip color. 

Who Is Permanent Makeup Right for?

In general, permanent makeup is right for anyone in good overall health who wants to enhance their natural beauty and simplify their beauty routine. However, treatment may not be right for you if:

  • You are pregnant or nursing 
  • You have diabetes
  • You have certain skin conditions in the treatment area 

We will discuss your medical history when you come in for a consultation to determine whether you’re a good candidate for treatment. If you are currently pregnant or nursing but are otherwise a good candidate, you can always seek treatment once you are done nursing. 

Experience the Perks of Permanent Makeup 

At ReVive RX Med Spa in Kansas City, MO, we have the knowledge, experience, and precision to deliver even and natural-looking results every time. If you think you may be a good candidate for permanent makeup, call us today to schedule your consultation